Pasture-raised turkeys now available for reservation for Thanksgiving delivery! Click here to learn more.

Heirloom Bronze Turkey (Deposit)

Heirloom Bronze Turkey (Deposit)

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About the Turkeys

  • Heirloom Bronze breed. Pastured, antibiotic-free, GMO-free. Raised by the Koch family at Koch Turkey Farm, Tamaqua, PA. 

  • Quick-frozen at peak freshness right after slaughter, and delivered frozen

  • Available in various weight ranges, so choose the size you want! 

  • Priced by actual weight of your bird:

    • $7 / lb. for Near Country Provisions subscribers (including new subscribers!)

    • $7.50 /  lb. for non-subscribers - for information on becoming a provisions subscriber, check out How It Works, or email us!

The heirloom Bronze flock at Koch Turkey Farm (Photo courtesy Barb Koch)

About Payment and Delivery

  • With a deposit, you can reserve a turkey in your chosen weight tier

  • When we receive and weigh the birds, we'll charge you for the balance owed ($7 / lb. for provisions subscribers, $7.50 / lb. for non-subscribers) 

  • Turkeys will be delivered to customers' homes prior to Thanksgiving (making sure you have time to thaw your bird). They'll arrive frozen, in an insulated bag, with dry ice. 

  • Near Country Provisions delivery is always free. 

  • You must live in our service area to get a turkey. 

    Questions? Please email us to ask!

      Rough Portion Guidelines

      • 8-11 lbs.: Serves 5-9 people
      • 10-13 lbs.: Serves 6-10 people
      • 12-15 lbs.: Serves 8-12 people
      • 14-17 lbs.: Serves 9-14 people
      • 16-19 lbs.:  Serves 10-15 people
      • 18-21 lbs.:  Serves 12-17 people
      • 20-23 lbs.:Serves 13-18 people
      • 22-25 lbs.: Serves 14-20 people

      These guidelines are meant to be taken with a grain of salt, and of course depend on the actual size of your bird within the range, you and your guests appetite, and the amount of leftovers your household wants!