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Smoked Ham (collaboration with Epic Curing)

Smoked Ham (collaboration with Epic Curing)

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We are proud to offer smoked hams in partnership with Epic Curing, the DMV's own makers of premium, artisanal cured meats!  
  • Boneless. Available as 1/2-ham and 1/4-ham, in several weight tiers.
  • Small-batch, old-fashioned, artisanal curing and smoking processes.
  • All-natural cure ingredients: brown sugar, salt, water. Celery powder used as a natural nitrate.*
  • Apple and Oak wood smoking.
  • Pasture- and woodlot-raised pork from the heritage breed blends at our partner Grand View Farm (Forest Hill, MD).
  • Ham was fast-frozen immediately after curing, and is delivered frozen.

*Note that this curing process does use natural nitrites/nitrates for flavor profile and anti-oxidizing preservation, which is different from the no-nitrate production process for the bacon that many subscribers are familiar with. 


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