Heirloom Bronze Whole Turkey

Heirloom Bronze Whole Turkey

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About the Turkeys

  • Heirloom Bronze breed. Free-range, antibiotic-free, GMO-free. Raised by the Koch family at Koch Turkey Farm, Tamaqua, PA.* 

  • Quick-frozen at peak freshness right after slaughter in late October, and delivered frozen.

Pasture raised heirloom turkeys
The heirloom Bronze flock at Koch Turkey Farm (2020 flock; Photo courtesy Barb Koch)

    Rough Portion Guidelines

    • 8-11 lbs.: Serves 5-9 people

    • 10-13 lbs.: Serves 6-10 people

    • 12-15 lbs.: Serves 8-12 people

    • 14-17 lbs.: Serves 9-14 people

    • 16-19 lbs.: Serves 10-15 people

    • 18-21 lbs.: Serves 12-17 people

    • 20-23 lbs.:Serves 13-18 people

    • 22-25 lbs.: Serves 14-20 people

      These guidelines are meant to be taken with a grain of that salt you brine your turkey with, and of course depend on the actual size of your bird within the range, you and your guests' appetite, and the amount of leftovers your household wants!


      Please email us to ask!


      *Because of regulators' requirements of farmers in response to the current Avian Flu going around, there are some limitations to the turkeys' access to pasture this year. To be clear, Avian Flu cannot pass to humans who consume infected birds. But the virus can kill off whole flocks, so farmers and regulators take its risk seriously. This sometimes means curtailing how much a turkey or chicken flock can range, to protect them from being infected by wild birds. For their protection from 2022 Avian Flu, open-air fencing and a roof prevent the turkey flock from having contact with wild birds.