Gift of All-In - Chicken & Seafood

Gift of All-In - Chicken & Seafood

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This gift will entitle your beneficiary to one delivery of All-In chicken & seafood provisions!

What is All-In?

  • All-In provisions are a curated mix of all the delicious cuts and seafood species.

  • All-In - Chicken & Seafood includes all your favorites: Chicken Breast, Thigh, Drumsticks and Wings, Whole Chicken, Flounder, Rockfish, Black Sea Bass and a lot more

Who is All-In good for?

  • Those who want maximum variety.

  • Those who want access to premium cuts.

  • Those who are are trying out the Near Country service and want to experience a range of cuts.

      What does it cost?

      $5-8 per serving, depending on pounds per delivery and meat mix. 

      What if I'm still not sure how this gift provisions subscription thing works?

      Just email us and we'll be happy to help you!