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Beef & Pork "Essentials" - 15 lbs. ($4.70/serving)

Beef & Pork "Essentials" - 15 lbs. ($4.70/serving)

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  • 10 lbs. is about 20 servings
  • $4.75 / serving
  • Cut mix curated each month
    • 100% grass-fed beef: Ground beef, curated roasts. 
    • Pastured pork: Ground pork, sausage, shoulder (picnic) roasts.

"Essentials" is a highly budget-friendly option that focuses on delicious, hearty ground meat, sausages and roasts, but does not include premium steaks and ribs. If you want provisions that include premium cuts, check out other provisions

Austerity? Hardly! Eat heartily with plenty of meat sauce for pasta, ground-meat tacos, burgers, and sausage plates... while being thrifty at the same time. 

    Not sure if this is the right amount of provisions for you? Check out How much to get.