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All-In - Seafood-only

All-In - Seafood-only

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What is All-In for Seafood?

All-In Seafood provisions are a curated mix of fish and shellfish species based on what's being caught locally. Its comprised mostly of fish filets and whole-fish, but also seasonally includes Atlantic shrimp and soft-shell crab. 

Locally-caught species that very often feature in All-In include: 
  • Striped Bass, aka Rockfish (filet and whole)
  • Black Sea Bass  (filet and whole)
  • Flounder (filet)
  • Blue Catfish (filet)
  • Snakehead Fish
  • Atlantic Shrimp (summer)
  • Soft-shelled Crab (summer)

What's not included?

Seafood species that are not fished near the Mid-Atlantic's Atlantic, Chesapeake or Potomac waters. So, for example, no salmon, sorry.

    What does it cost?

    $6.50-8 per serving, depending on number of pounds per delivery. 

      What size should I get?

        5 lbs. is about 10 servings; 10 lbs. is about 20 servings; 15 lbs. is about 30 servings; 20 lbs. is about 40 servings; 30 lbs. is about 60 servings. (All assuming 1/2 lb. of meat per serving.) For more detail, check out How much to get.

        What should I do if I'm interested but I don't really want to commit?

        Try a small, 5-lb. All-In! There's no reason to be concerned about any "commitment" in our subscriptions. You can modify or cancel without penalty anytime - including after your first delivery, if it doesn't meet your needs. Think of the subscriptions as pay-as-you-go.   

        What if I'm still not sure how this provisions subscription thing works?

        Check out How it Works, or email us!