Our story

The DC area and the broader Mid-Atlantic region needed a better way to connect the many residents who care deeply about the quality and context of the food they put on the table, with the world-class meat being produced by experienced, principled farmers practically on the outskirts of town -- in our "near country."

Throughout the DMV and beyond, shoppers who prefer healthy, humane and sustainable meat for themselves and their families routinely make disheartening compromises, or give up entirely, because it's too time-consuming, confusing or expensive to shop right.  

But DC's near country is bountiful. Many of our local farmers have been raising animals "the right way" for years, producing meat that is as delicious as it is virtuous. 

I started Near Country Provisions to create a new bridge from farmers to families, and to make it easier for DMV residents to eat well and eat good by tapping into the local small farmer heritage.   

Having said all that, Near Country is a brand new endeavor, and being at the beginning of a journey, I ask for your feedback and your ideas so we can make the experience better and better as we build it. 

Thank you,

Founder, Near Country Provisions
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