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Seafood recipes

Please pardon that this page is sparse! Having only just recently launched our seafood program, we've got some catching up to do on compiling great recipes that we can recommend.

Here are a small number of excellent, versatile ones: 

To prepare Blue Catfish, we mostly endorse this Saveur recipe, which also shares a little of the backstory of why consuming this species is a pro-Chesapeake statement. We have made two modifications ourselves: 1) We've added a pesto mayo, 2) We've cooked the filet longer about twice as long as the recipe called for. (Depends of course on filet thickness.)    

Ina Garten's classic mustard and creme fraiche preparation is simple, versatile and delicious. We've loved it with Flounder filets and Black Sea Bass filets.

For Striped Bass (aka Rockfish), we're delighted by the Italian flavors complementing the fish's robust flavor and texture -- not to mention a veritable rainbow of colors (see below) -- in this "new favorite" recipe

Striped bass (rockfish)
This picture is from the recipe in-progress. The rainbow effect is even more pronounced when the recipe is finished. The Striped Bass turns white, and a basil garnish adds a verdant flourish. 


More coming soon!

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