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Seafood - Details


Curation of All-In Provisions with Seafood

We curate Seafood provisions with species that are running in local waters (Atlantic Ocean, and Chesapeake Bay and tributary rivers), including fillets, whole fish and shellfish.  As with provisions for pastured meats, we customize the curation based on your preferences

We will sometimes source seafood from Atlantic waters beyond our region when local landings are limited. In these circumstances, we'll only source species that do run locally, as well.  

Fish fillets

  • Scaled and gutted
  • Sometimes skin-off; sometimes skin-on
  • Various species based on landings, including:
    • Commonly: Black Sea Bass, Rockfish (aka Striped Bass), Flounder, Golden Tilefish, Spanish Mackerel, Hake, Monkfish, Blue Catfish*
    • Periodically: Snakehead Fish*, Red Drum (aka Redfish), Atlantic Cod

    Whole fish

    • Scaled and gutted
    • Various species based on local landings, including:
      • Commonly: Black Sea Bass, Spanish Mackerel
      • Periodically: Rockfish (aka Striped Bass)


    Availability varies and depends on various climactic and market factors, but Atlantic Shrimp and Soft-shelled Crab may sometimes be available.

      *Locally-invasive species, i.e., consumption helps restore local ecosystems including the Chesapeake Bay's!

        Seafood Add-Ons

        Seafood is available in the All-In curation style, but not in the Essentials or Daily Grind style. 

        Many customers who prefer Essentials or Daily Grind for their pastured meats take advantage Add-Ons for their Seafood.  


        Check out our Recipes page for seafood!

        Note on Mercury in Seafood

        None of the fish we offer is considered by the FDA to be a "to avoid" species because of mercury concentration concerns.

        This is notably includes our Golden Tilefish -- while Tilefish is sometimes cited as a high-mercury species, this is only true of the Tilefish sourced from the Gulf of Mexico. Our Golden Tilefish from near Atlantic waters is a "Good Choice" according to the FDA.   

        Similarly, while King Mackerel is "to avoid," the Spanish Mackerel we source from Atlantic waters is an FDA "Good Choice."


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