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Seafood - Details


Curation of All-In Provisions with Seafood

We curate Seafood provisions with species that are running in local waters (Atlantic Ocean, and Chesapeake Bay and tributary rivers), including fillets, whole fish and shellfish.*  As with provisions for pastured meats, we customize the curation based on your preferences

*We will sometimes source seafood from Atlantic waters beyond our region when local landings are limited. In these circumstances, we'll only source species that do run locally, as well.  

Fish fillets

  • Scaled and gutted
  • Sometimes skin-off; sometimes skin-on
  • Various species based on  landings, including:
    • Commonly: Black Sea Bass, Flounder, Golden Tilefish, Spanish Mackerel, Blue Catfish*
    • Periodically: Rockfish (aka Striped Bass), Snakehead Fish*, Monkfish, Red Drum (aka Redfish), Hake

    Whole fish

    • Scaled and gutted
    • Various species based on local landings, including:
      • Commonly: Black Sea Bass, Spanish Mackerel
      • Periodically: Rockfish (aka Striped Bass)

      *Locally-invasive species, i.e., consumption helps restore local ecosystems including the Chesapeake Bay's!

        Seafood Add-Ons

        Seafood is available in the All-In curation style, but not in the Essentials or Daily Grind style. 

        Many customers who prefer Essentials or Daily Grind for their pastured meats take advantage Add-Ons for their Seafood.  


        Check out our Recipes page for seafood!


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