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Resolution Center 2023!

Meat That's Guilt Free for 2023!

For the New Year, many of us will resolve to eat better. Here are five reasons we can help you put that aspiration into action!

1. Sourcing standards are resolution-ready

The meat we source is nutrient-dense and additive-free. It comes from local farmers who treat their animals and the environment with care, and captains who fish sustainably.

It's also delicious - it'll nurture and delight your household in the year ahead. 

2. Delivery right to your door

Your meat arrives on your doorstep on your chosen schedule.

It comes in an insulated bag with dry ice; it'll wait patiently till you can bring it inside. (Read: You don't need to time your life around your delivery.)

3. Flexible subscriptions let you "set it and forget it" 

You choose how often you'd like meat delivered (monthly? every two months? every three?), how much you'd like, and what types of cuts.  We'll take it from there.

While some customers like to customize, you can also feel free to step back and let us curate for you, on your chosen schedule. 

You can make changes to your subscription, as your needs evolve. You can also cancel at any time. 

4. Freezing is freeing

By quick-freezing meat right after processing, we lock in freshness at its peak. With frozen meat, you are free to decide when you want to thaw, cook and eat.

5. We share recipes and tips

The recipes we compile provide inspiration and guidance for amateur and pro home cooks alike!


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