Referring a Friend

The people who are most likely to appreciate and benefit from what Near Country Provisions offers are the friends and neighbors of our those who are already enjoying our service! 

Referral incentives

When someone you've referred to us signs up for a provisions subscription, we give them a free Welcome Bundle in their first delivery! The bundle consists of a mix of bacon, sausage and/or ground meat (the new customer can weigh in with preferences), and is worth about $30.

It's basically a gift to your friend from you, that doesn't cost you anything.

While we don't give an incentive to the referring person for each referral, we do tend to give ad hoc thank you gifts to those who continually make referrals. So if you refer a lot, you may find a thank you treat in your provisions delivery from time to time.

How to refer

It's pretty straightforward, and doesn't rely on fancy codes or links. 

Either you or the person you refer should let us know about the referral. That's it. That's enough for us to issue the Welcome Bundle incentive!

An easy way to do this is for the referred person to drop the name of the referring person in the notes field at checkout. But alternatively, either of you could just email or chat us.  

Thank you!

Thanks for spreading the word to your friends and neighbors! It's the most rewarding way to build our community!