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Accommodating Preferences & Requests

The Curation Promise: Efficiency & Discovery

Curating your provisions allows us to provide you with a new, varied cut mix with each delivery, which many people find exciting.

It also reinforces our whole-animal model, ensuring that all parts of the animals we source get used, which minimizes waste and helps keep prices low. 

But we don't give you cuts you don't want, and we do a great deal to customize our service for you. 

The Customization Promise: Preferences & Requests

We take requests of yours, and can generally fulfill them! Don't hesitate to ask us! These are examples of the types of requests that we accommodate all the time:
  • Inclusions: E.g., "Please include Ribeyes next delivery," "As much sage sausage as possible!," "Pork ribs this month, short ribs next month, please"

  • Exclusions: E.g, "No more bacon please," "I don't like sirloin steaks," "Hold fattier cuts"

  • Dietary restriction: E.g., "No bacon or sausage with added sugar"

More Customization with Add-Ons

In addition to the curation of provisions subscriptions just described, Add-ons can always be chosen on an a la carte basis to further customize your experience. 

How to Share Preferences and Make Requests

At checkout, please tell us your preferences. Then, as each delivery month approaches, you'll receive emails from us in which we solicit requests.

You don't have to wait for these prompts from us - you can contact us at support@nearcountry.com or chat us anytime to let us know upcoming requests, or changes to your general preferences. 

We'll confirm in advance that we can fulfill your request. Or, in rare cases, explain why we can't. 


We also want to know how much of each cut to give you. If you haven't already, please let us know your portioning preferences, either in terms of number of adult and child eaters in your house, or generally whether you like more cut variety with smaller amounts per cut, or larger amounts of fewer cuts.    

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