Preferences and requests


It is true that we have designed our provisions with a curatorial approach -- or in the simpler terms familiar to parents of small children: "You get what you get." Curating your provisions allows us to provide you with a new, varied cut mix with each delivery, which many people find exciting (but we know is not for everyone). It also ensures that all parts of the animals we source get used, which minimizes waste and helps keep prices low.    

... with Customization

However, we do take specific requests of yours, and do our best to fulfill them. Don't hesitate to ask us! These are examples of the types of requests that we're most likely to be able to fulfill:
  • Dietary restrictions, e.g., "Please don't include bacon or sausage because I can't eat anything with added sugar."
  • Variety feedback, e.g, "For the last few months you've given me ribs every time - can I get fewer ribs and more steak?"
  • Idiosyncratic preferences, e.g., "Not everyone likes putting the time into brisket right but *I do*, so more brisket please!," or, "I'm from California and love the Tri-tip (whereas most people around here don't even know what it is)... so can I have more?" 

These guidelines apply to the curated provisions subscriptions (All-in, Essentials, and Daily Grind).  In contrast, Add-ons can always be chosen on an ad hoc basis.


We also want to know how much of each cut to give you. If you haven't already, please let us know your portioning preferences, either in terms of number of adult and child eaters in your house, or generally whether you like more cut variety with smaller amounts per cut, or larger amounts of fewer cuts.  


If you'd like to make a request or express preferences, just email and we'll tell you if and how we can accommodate.