Thank you, loyal customers! It's been a privilege to serve you. As we shut down, we're recommending our customers consider our farm partner's service. Click here for detail.

Curation with Customization: Accommodating Preferences & Requests

By offering Curation with Customization, we accommodate customers who like to make a lot of specific requests, those who like to sit back and let us surprise them, and everyone in between!

The Curation Promise: Efficiency & Discovery

Curating your provisions allows us to provide you with a new, varied cut mix with each delivery, which many people find exciting.

It also reinforces our whole-animal model, ensuring that all parts of the animals we source get used, which minimizes waste and helps keep prices low. (Offal and organs don't get allocated in provisions but are available as Add-Ons for those how like them.)

Bottom line: We don't give you cuts you don't want, and we do a great deal to customize our service for you. 

The Customization Promise: Preferences & Requests

We learn your preferences and take requests of yours, and can almost always fulfill them!

We email you a cut request form on the first of the month in months when you're due to receive provisions delivery. Right from your email, you can check boxes to indicate your requests and update your preferences. (You don't have to respond. In that case, we'll make all the decisions for you.) 

We also of course accommodate all dietary restrictions. 

If you want to share a preferences update with us between delivery months, that's fine! Just email any time! 


At checkout, you tell us how many adult and child eaters there are in your household, so we can know how much of each cut to give you.

We assume a 1/2 lb. serving for adults and 1/4 lb. serving for children, unless you tell us to use different portioning. 

More Customization with Add-Ons

In addition to the curation of provisions subscriptions just described, Add-ons can always be chosen on an a la carte basis to further customize your experience. 


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