Pork recipes

Chops and Tenderloin

Pork loves fruit as a companion. We've glazed pork chops with a fermented blueberry paste recommended by the Noma team - and they were amazing. For a fruity accompaniment that doesn't require a week-long fermentation project, try Serious Eat's cherry sauce or their apricot glaze recipe which also has you kebab-ify your chops.   

This recipe optimizes for moist Tenderloin and easy clean-up. (Anyone shy about butter or garlic may need to tone the recipe down a little... but we have been pleased with following the recipe as is.)  It also works great with pork chops.


A recipe named Last Meal Ribs says it all. Consider it for both Baby Back ribs and Spare ribs.  Click through for the recipe, but wander around the Amazing Ribs website for tips and wisdom on all things ribs.


We fell in love with Kalua Pig, a Hawaiian heritage dish, when we honeymooned in the 50th state. It's delicious in an elemental way, with pork shoulder (often Boston Butt but Picnic roast is also great) and just a few seasonings, and so it's extremely easy to make in a slow cooker or Instant Pot.  (It utilizes a few strips of bacon as well.)

Another terrific use for these same cuts is Korean bo ssam, and specifically the iconic modern take created by David Chang and Momofuku. (Once again, the recipe states the Butt is preferred, but in our experience, making this unassailably amazing dish with the Picnic turns out plenty delicious.) 

Here's a creative, Italian-inspired approach to cooking that Boston Butt: Porchetta-style!

As for delectable, unctuous Pork Belly Roast... subscriber Brittany M. of Southeast DC recommends this Korean take which fries the belly. In our household recently, we used the belly roast in a version of Momofuku's recipe for Ramen, then with the remaining roast, Anne made an improvised fried rice.  

Roasts' Second Lives

If your roast is big enough, you can give yourself a range of options to repurpose leftovers.  

We like to repurpose leftover Kalua Pig for taco night, adding some citrus and either chili powder or adobo seasoning. Alternatively, use this carnitas recipe -- either as guidance as you turn your garlic-infused Boston Butt or Picnic roast leftovers into taco filling, or to turn the whole cut into a carnitas dish.   

Of course, you can always turn your Boston Butt or Picnic into pulled pork. We start with Meathead Goldwyn's Memphis Dust dry rub, and we then slather it with BBQ sauce from Pierce's BBQ of Williamsburg, which is a longtime favorite of Anne's.  

Pulled pork
Pork and the claws that pulled them 


A few other pork shoulder roast second-life dishes Anne has made in our house: 

  • Borscht, using both the cooking liquid from the first cook, and bits of pork
  • Cuban sandwiches

And Customer Carol R. of Northwest DC recommends this Brunswick Stew recipe as a worthy use of pork shoulder leftovers. 


  • Customers Felix and Sarah from Arlington used this Schweinshaxe recipe and our Pork Shanks to create a skinless version of the Bavarian classic. 

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