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All animals we source are raised healthy and happy -- they live lives in which they're allowed to be themselves. This is morally right, and it also produces better-tasting meat, since traumatic stress changes animals' body chemistry for the worse. 

Specifically, farmers commit to the following treatment standards:

  • Cattle have continuous access to pasture during the growing season.
  • Pigs are raised outdoors at all times during the growing season, on pesticide & herbicide free pasture or forested areas. When in shelters during winter, pigs maintain continuous access to the outdoors except in extreme weather conditions (less than 10 days annually), and deep bedding ensures no visible concrete.
  • For pigs, tooth clipping, grinding or filing; detusking are never performed, and disk or septum nose rings are never employed.
  • Animals have been humanely handled in loading, trucking and restraint; no electric prod of any kind has been utilized.

At processing time, animals are slaughtered quickly and humanely. Our processing partner is a small-scale, family-owned business where family ownership closely manages slaughter, and which commits to transparent humane treatment standards.     

See also our standards related to clean inputs free of chemicals and additives, as these also contribute to humane treatment. 

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