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How to Swap a Provisions Subscription

When you'd like to swap your current provisions subscription for a different one, you can ask us to help you, or you can manage it yourself in your online account. Here's how:

  1. Log into your online account
  2. Click on Manage Subscriptions (it's under Account Details)
  3. For the subscription you'd like to change from, under Actions, click on Swap
  4. Select the new provisions offering you'd like. There is a Search bar into which you can type keywords like "Seafood" or "All-In."
  5. Confirm size, delivery frequency, and next charge date (choose the 1st day of the month in which you first want the new provisions), then click Swap Product.

A word on managing your subscriptions online

  • If you have not yet activated your online account, or you're not sure if you have an online account or not, email us and we'll resend you an activation link. 
  • By the way, this is a point of confusion for some customers, but signing up for a subscription does not automatically enable an online account. Subscribers do need to activate their online accounts by clicking through on an activation email that we send you.