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How to Swap a Provisions Subscription

Swapping one provisions subscription for another

When you'd like to swap your current provisions subscription for a different one, you can ask us to help you, or you can manage it yourself in your online account. Here's how:

1. Log in to your Near Country Provisions account. (If you haven't activated your account or aren't sure, see below.)

2. Select “Manage Subscription” (under Account Details)

3. Go to “Subscriptions”  located on the top navigation bar

4. Select the subscription you’d like to swap

5. Scroll down, and click on “Swap Product”

6. Find and select your new subscription by using the search bar or browsing

7. Choose the variant (size) and order (delivery) frequency you desire. To review details including pricing, click on “View on store” at bottom

8. Click “Swap for this product”

    Your Swap is complete.  On the screen you see now, it’s a good opportunity to confirm next Order date. It should be the 1st day of the month in which you want the new provisions.

    An alternative: Create new subscription, Cancel old one

    This is a straightforward approach that you can feel free to pursue. 

      Activating and managing your online account

      • This can be a point of confusion: Signing up for a provisions subscription does not automatically enable an online account. Subscribers do need to activate their online accounts by clicking through on an activation email that we send you.
      • If you have not yet activated your online account, or you're not sure if you have an online account or not, email us and we'll resend you an activation link.