How much to get

You have flexibility

Don't sweat this. Although you'll pick a monthly or bi-monthly delivery schedule, you can always skip a delivery month if you feel like you've accumulated too much, and you can always change your provisions size.

Cut mix

But here are some rough guidelines to get you started.

Adult and child serving sizes

An adult eats about a 1/2 lb. of meat in a meal featuring meat, and a child eats about 1/4 lb. (of course depends on size of child!). 


Example A: Two-adult household

  • 5 lbs. of provisions (10 servings) will cover about 5 meals for the month (about two meals/week)
  • 10 lbs. of provisions (20 servings) will cover about 10 meals for the month (about two meals/week)
  • 15 lbs. of provisions (30 servings) will cover about 15 meals for the month (about three meals/week)  

Example B: Two-adult, two-child household

  • 5 lbs. of provisions (~7 adult servings and ~7 child servings) will cover about 3 whole-family meals for the month (less than a meal/week). Note though that at this level, we are not able to give you much variety while meeting your portioning needs, particularly if you choose multiple-meat provisions. 
  • 10 lbs. of provisions (~14 adult servings and ~14 child servings) will cover about 7 whole-family meals for the month (less than two meals/week but more than one/week)
  • 15 lbs. of provisions (~20 adult servings and ~20 child servings) will cover about 10 whole-family meals for the month (about two meals/week)  
  • 20 lbs. of provisions (~27 adult servings and ~27 child servings) will cover about 14 whole-family meals for the month (about three meals/week)

Other considerations

    • A four-pound Ground Meat Booster adds eight servings. 
    • If you don't get enough, you can always get more next month!
    • And if you get too much, you can always skip your next delivery month, or downsize your provisions size. 
    • While we will aim to curate to any size you choose, note that with small provisions sizes relative to portioning needs, we may not be able to offer you much of a cut mix. For example, a household of 5 people that chooses 5 lbs. of beef, pork & seafood provisions will not likely have its portioning needs met with 3 adult servings of steak, 3 adult servings of fish and 4 adult servings of sausage -- which would be a typical breakdown for that provisions offering.  


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