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How much to get

You have flexibility

Don't sweat this. Although you'll pick a monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly delivery schedule, you can always skip a delivery month if you feel like you've accumulated too much, and you can always change your provisions size. But here are some rough guidelines to get you started.

Adult and child serving sizes

We assume a typical adult eats about a 1/2 lb. (8 oz.) of meat in a meal featuring meat, and an "average" child eats about 1/4 lb. (4 oz.).  

So generally speaking, assume you get two adult servings, or four child servings, from every pound of meat.

Note that these assumptions are on the large side of what you'll see. For example, most of our competitors assume 5-6 oz. is a serving -- this deflates their quoted price per serving, but we don't believe it's an accurate reflection of how much typical adults eat.

Portioning for All-In provisions

Curating Essentials and Daily Grind provisions while accommodating portioning needs generally doesn't present challenges.

But for All-In -- whose curatorial approach is defined by giving you a range of cuts -- we have guidance to help you ensure you'll get enough servings per cut in each delivery to meet your households' portioning needs.

As the table here shows, for medium-sized and large households, we recommend getting a minimum All-In size to make sure we're able to curate effectively for you, giving you the sampling of different meats you choose and meeting your portioning needs. If you are worried about price per delivery, consider getting deliveries less frequently than every month. (Note though that per-serving prices go down as delivery size goes up.)

Recommended Minimum Pounds of All-In ProvisionsRecommended minimum All-In table

Bear in mind, these are only recommendations!  We'll curate and deliver whichever size All-In you wish. We just want you to know the size thresholds at which accommodating portioning needs per cut start to get compromised.

Other considerations

  • If you don't get enough, you can always get more next month!
  • And if you get too much, you can always skip your next delivery month, or downsize your provisions size. 
  • We're happy to help you decide - just email us!


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