How much to get

You can always change your provisions size as you calibrate how much your household needs, but here are some rough guidelines to get you started:

  • An adult eats about a 1/2 lb. of meat in a meal featuring meat, and a child eats about 1/4 lb. (of course depends on size of child!)
  • So for a two-adult household...
    • 10 lbs. of provisions (20 servings) will cover about 10 meals for the month (about two meals/week)
    • 15 lbs. of provisions (30 servings) will cover about 15 meals for the month (about three meals/week)  
  • And for a two-adult, two-child household...
    • 10 lbs. of provisions (~14 adult servings and ~14 child servings) will cover about 7 whole-family meals for the month (less than two meals/week but more than one/week)
    • 15 lbs. of provisions (~20 adult servings and ~20 child servings) will cover about 10 whole-family meals for the month (about two meals/week)  
    • 20 lbs. of provisions (~27 adult servings and ~27 child servings) will cover about 14 whole-family meals for the month (about three meals/week)
  • A two-pound ground meat booster adds four adult servings, and a four-pound booster adds eight servings. 
  • If you want to start conservatively, you can always order more next month!
  • If you don't want to start conservatively, that's OK too, since frozen meat will keep in your freezer four months or more (except bacon and sausage which keep frozen for only a month) (source: FDA).  

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