How it Works

You'll be signing up for a monthly or every-other-month subscription, entitling you to curated provisions of meat cuts delivered to your door each month. 

Bag of provisions

You'll decide if you'd like both beef & pork, or beef only, and whether you want a curated mix of all types of cuts, a budget-oriented curation of roasts and ground meat, or a ground-only mix.  Based on your choice, we'll curate for you each month a selection that lets you eat from a range of delicious cuts, ground meat and sausages. 

What does it mean to trust us to choose the cuts? Here's detail on what you can expect

Please also decide the size of your monthly provisions. Not sure how much to start with? Check out these rough guidelines, and as a general rule, count on one adult eating about 1/2 pound of meat in a meal. 

You can then choose to add ground meat boosters to your core provisions. These are great add-ons for families that make a lot of pasta sauces and lasagnas, not to mention burgers and meatloaves. 

Some more details:

  • You'll get your delivery about the same time each month, give or take a few days.  
  • You can skip a month if you find you didn't use up last month's provisions or just need a break.
  • You can cancel any time.
  • We'll bill you on the 15th of the month, prior to delivering early in the following month.  This billing date is the cutoff for a skip or cancel request to be effective for that month.