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How Delivery Cycles Work

Monthly Delivery Cycles

Working Around Your Conflicts

  • Often, we are able to find a delivery day for you even if you have conflicts (e.g., vacation) during your community's delivery date range.
  • On the 1st of any month when you are slated to receive provisions, we prompt you over email to let us know your delivery window conflicts before we set delivery routes.
  • We're much more likely to be able to accommodate a conflict if you let us know about conflicts early, in response to one of our 1st-of-month  prompts. It's harder to work around conflicts once we've set routes.

What Qualifies as a Conflict?

  • Because we deliver your provisions in an insulated bag with dry ice, they can generally sit on a porch or in an apartment building reception for quite some time without risk of thawing. 
  • Therefore, simply being away from home for part of the day does not qualify as a conflict that would prohibit delivery.
  • When you share delivery conflicts with us, please consider only the days when you truly could not receive your provisions delivery, at all. 

Charge Dates vs. Delivery Dates

  • The date we charge your credit card is different from the date we deliver to you. Charge dates for the delivery month automatically are set to the first of the month.
  • A charge scheduled for the 1st of a month indicates that the customer intends to receive a provisions delivery that month.*
  • We start working on deliveries for the month after the charge date. We'll notify you directly via email of your delivery date.

*When a subscription has a day-of-month charge pattern that's different from the 1st of a month, it usually means the customer has made a manual change to the charge date. In this case, we usually ask if we can put it back to the 1st of the month. 

Holiday Cooking Specialties

  • For holiday specialties (e.g,. Smoked Ham for Easter and Christmas, Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day, Brisket for Jewish holidays) we do our best to get you your featured ingredient in time for the holiday -- even if that means bending the community delivery date ranges a bit.
  • Having said that, the best way to guarantee we can get you your ingredient in time is to plan ahead, knowing where holidays fall relative to your community delivery dates


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