How Delivery Cycles Work

Monthly Delivery Cycles

  • We deliver to our entire service area each month.
  • We set a delivery window as the new month approaches. (E.g., in late July we set the delivery window for August.)
  • Generally the delivery window is 2-3 weeks long, and starts in the second week of the month.

Delivery Days by Community 

  • Early in the month, and before the beginning of the delivery cycle, we set delivery routes for each weekday in the delivery window. (Sometimes we include Saturdays also.) 
  • For communities near the center of our service area, several delivery routes may pass through on different days. For communities on the margins of the service area, we will likely only pass through once per delivery cycle. 
  • When a community receives deliveries late in one month, we aim not to deliver to it too early in the following month, and vice versa. This is more art than science, to be frank, but we do the best we can to ensure that the gap between monthly deliveries is not too short or too long. 

Working Around Your Conflicts

  • Most of the time, we are able to find a delivery day for you even if you have  conflicts (e.g., vacation) during the delivery window.
  • We prompt you over email  to let us know your delivery window conflicts before we set delivery routes.
  • We're much more likely to be able to accommodate a conflict if you let us know about conflicts early, in response to one of our emailed prompts. It's harder to work around conflicts once we've set routes.