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Farming & Fishing partners

We partner with the most thoughtful, principled farmers in the DMV's "near country." We source seafood from fleets that fish local waters using sustainable catch methods.

Farmers make specific commitments to standards of clean, additive-free production, humane animal treatment and environmental stewardship using regenerative agricultural best practices. Their respect for their animals and soils are reflected in their products, which are healthy and delicious.

Egg farm partner (New!)

We're proud to be sourcing eggs from Jesse Straight and his family. The Straights started Whiffletree Farm a decade ago in Warrenton, VA, and with their egg-laying hens as well as the other animals that inhabit the farm, they demonstrate the highest standards of providing access to fresh pasture, and eliminating chemicals and additives on the farm.  

Here, Jesse and poultry manager Robbie explain how they raise egg-laying chickens at Whiffletree, in a video they made for our subscribers

Whiffletree Farm

Jessie, Robbie and the egg-layer flock at Whiffletree Farm (Click to see video

Chicken Farm Partners

At Freedom Valley Farm in Harford Country, MD, Ryan Hamby and his family take care of the chickens, ushering them into lush, fresh pasture literally every day, after they've foraged through yesterday's pasture patch.  

Freedom Valley Farm
The Hamby family at Freedom Valley Farm


Our newest farm partner is Mad Radish Farm, which is in PA's York County in the Susquehanna Valley. Brittany and Michael Reardon bought what was a monoculture Christmas tree farm, and are regenerating the soils with rotations of the chickens they raise for us, other livestock, and vegetables. 

Mad Radish farm

Michael and Brittany aren't mad... but their radishes may sometimes be

Pork farm partner

Our pork partner is Grand View Farm, which is run by Nick Bailey and his family in Harford County, Maryland. The Baileys raise pigs, cows, turkeys and chickens, and they grow some organic vegetables.  The pigs are all from heritage breeds. 

The Baileys have a demonstrated local track record in producing clean, delicious meats, and in using regenerative practices -- a notable long-term focus is expanding Grand View's woodlots to increase silvo-pasturing capacity.  

Nick Bailey Grand View Farm
Nick Bailey with the pasture's residents at Grand View Farm

Beef farm partners

George Lake is the visionary farmer behind Thistle Creek Farms, and George leads with the conviction that great-tasting, nutrient-dense grass-fed beef -- not to mention, environmental restoration -- begins with creating rich, thriving soils. Situated in a beautiful Appalachian mountain setting in Pennsylania, Thistle Creek is a multi-generational effort, with George's wife Christy, his kids and their own families, and a troika of hardworking border collies all taking great care of the farm's cattle and the grasses they feed on.  

Thistle Creek Farm pasture
Thistle Creek Farms 


At Grayson Natural Farms in Grayson County, VA. Gary Mitchell is the seventh generation from his family running his family farm. Together with neighboring farmers he's organized in this stunning part of Virginia with mountain-side pasture, he raises 100% grass-fed beef.  

Gary Mitchell at Grayson Natural Farms

Fishing partners

We source our fish from small-scale captains who hunt wild fish in the Atlantic Ocean near our region's shores, and in the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, using approved, sustainable catch methods.

Based on where the fish are swimming and which local vessels choose to hunt which species, the fishers we source from vary month to month, but there are a handful of captains and vessels whom we buy from repeatedly. (We will sometimes source from other Atlantic waters when local landings are limited. In these circumstances, we'll only source species that run locally as well.)  

We rely on a seafood distributor based in Howard County, MD to help us get access to the best local catches based on what the various captains are finding. 

Rocky Rice fishing
Rocky Rice, on the Miss Jill, fishes the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River. 

Thanksgiving turkey farmer partner

We source Thanksgiving turkeys from Koch Turkey Farm in Tamaqua, PA. The Koch family have been raising turkeys in the region for 80 years, and we sourced their best bird, an Heirloom Bronze. 


The Heirloom Bronze flock at Koch Turkey Farm (2020) 


At Near Country Provisions, we encourage you to get know our farmer partners! Feel free to ask us for an introduction, and seek opportunities to engage with them, through us, or on your own. 


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