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Ebony Williams - Health Coach

Ebony Williams - Health Coach

Ebony Williams is a health coach and Near Country Provisions customer. Read on to learn more about Ebony, healthy eating, and how Near Country Provisions' service fits into a healthy lifestyle. 

About Ebony

As a thyroid health coach, Ebony helps clients ditch fatigue due to their thyroid issues and gain energy back by building good food habits, establishing sustainable exercise routines and living life with purpose.

She hosts the Thyroid Warrior Podcast in which she shares stories of managing Hashimoto's Disease to offer tools, tips and strategies with listeners. 

Outside of her coaching and media work, she is a supervisor in the Johns Hopkins Health system. She began her career in the Health IT space and started as a trainer at Mount Sinai Hospital. She also serves as an adjunct faculty member of Hopkins' Biomedical Informatics and Data Sciences department.

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