Delivery details

Delivery bag

Delivery is always free and only local

  • We only deliver locally within our service area, using our own drivers and vehicles
  • It's always free

We email you to let you know your delivery date

  • We tell you the day in our monthly delivery cycle when we'll be delivering to your community (More detail)
  • You can let us know if you have any conflicts with the target delivery date -  We work around conflicts! (More detail)
  • You may always choose to push your delivery back a month (or more). 
  • You can pick one-time Add-ons to supplement your subscription - right up until the day before your delivery!

We deliver your provisions to your front door

  • Your provisions arrive in an insulated bag with dry ice. We quick-freeze and vacuum-seal meat at peak freshness, and it reaches you still sealed and frozen.
  • You don't need to be home precisely at delivery time


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