Curation with Customization

What do curation and customization mean?

You entrust us to choose your mix of cuts in your provisions subscriptions, which ensures none of the animal is wasted, and keeps costs down -- and you may also be opening yourself up to exploring cuts, and recipes, you wouldn't have tried before!

But we seek and learn your preferences, allowing us to optimize curation for you month-to-month. For example, we certainly can exclude cuts you just don't like. We also can accommodate virtually any dietary restriction.  

Range of Cuts

The cut types we curate from are the following:


  • Steaks (e.g., Ribeye, NY Strip, Flatiron, Flank, Skirt, Sirloin... and more!)
  • Short ribs
  • Roasts (e.g., Sirloin Tip, Top Round, London Broil)
  • Ground beef
  • Miscellaneous: Kebabs, Chipsteak, Beef hot dogs, more!


  • Ribs
  • Chops
  • Tenderloin
  • Bacon
  • Roasts (e.g., pork shoulder)
  • Ground pork
  • Sausage (e.g., Kielbasa, Sweet Italian, Chorizo, Breakfast patties)

All-In provisions give subscribers access to all of these cuts. See the Essentials and Daily Grind pages for detail on which cuts are included in these offerings. 

Of note, bones, offal and organ meat are not included in subscription provisions. They are though generally available as Add-ons


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