Thank you, loyal customers! It's been a privilege to serve you. As we shut down, we're recommending our customers consider our farm partner's service. Click here for detail.

Copy of Basics

You pick the provisions you want

  • Proteins:  Either a combination of 100% grass-fed beef and pastured pork, or beef-only
  • Amount: How many pounds, or servings, you'd like in each delivery
  • Curation approach: The range of cuts we'll choose from for you
    • "All-in": A mix of all the most delicious cuts (from $6.20 per serving)
    • "Essentials": Just roasts together with ground meat and sausage (from $4.50 per serving)
    • "Daily Grind": Just the ground and sausage (from $3.75 per serving)

You choose your delivery frequency

  • Monthly or bi-monthly. You can always choose to skip or push back a delivery. (And you may cancel at any time.)
  • When you sign up, you pay for your first batch of provisions. Depending on when in the month you sign up, you'll get your first delivery later that same month, or the next month - we'll email you and let you know
  • We'll charge you on the 1st of the month in months when you are due to get provisions

We email you to let you know your delivery date

  • You can let us know if you have any conflicts with the target delivery date. We can almost always work around any conflicts!
  • You may choose one-time Add-ons to supplement your subscription - you can shop Add-ons right up until the day before your delivery!

We deliver your provisions to your front door!

  • Your provisions arrive vacuum-sealed and frozen, in an insulated bag with dry ice - so you don't need to be home precisely at delivery time


    If you have questions about any of this, don't hesitate to email us


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