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Clean Ingredients in Sausage and Bacon


Our bacon and sausage are prepared with natural ingredients, and no additives.

  • No industrial seed oils
  • No chemicals
  • No use of nitrates or nitrites (chemical or natural)
  • When sweetener is used, they are natural sweeteners
    • Only one exception: Beef hotdogs contain corn-derived dextrose

Bacon ingredients

Ingredients: Pastured pork, water, sea salt, vinegar, honey, cane sugar

Sausage ingredients

  • Maple: Pastured pork, vinegar, salt, sugar, maple sugar, black pepper
  • Sage: Pastured pork, vinegar, salt, black pepper, sage
  • Sweet Italian: Pastured pork, brown sugar, vinegar, salt, ground fennel, black pepper, crushed red pepper
  • Kielbasa: Pastured pork, vinegar, salt, ground garlic, black pepper
  • Country: Pastured pork, vinegar, salt, black pepper, sugar, coriander
  • Chorizo: Pastured pork, vinegar, salt, chili powder, red pepper, paprika, black pepper, garlic, coriander, cumin

Links are packed in collagen casing. 

Beef Hotdog ingredients

100% gass-fed beef, water, potato starch, vinegar, salt, ground mustard seed, dextrose, spices, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, plum/prune powder