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Choosing your provisions

Provisions bag

You pick the provisions you want

  • Meats:  Whichever combination of grass-fed beef, pastured pork or wild-caught seafood you would like. 
  • Amount: How many pounds you'd like in each delivery (detail on How Much to Get)
  • Curation style: The range of cuts we'll choose from for you
    • All-in ($6-8 / serving): A mix of all the most delicious cuts
    • Essentials ($4-5 / serving): Roasts, everyday steaks, grill & stew cubes, bacon, ground meat and sausage
    • Daily Grind ($3-4 / serving): Just ground meat and sausage

    You also choose your delivery frequency

    • Monthly, bi-monthly or every third month
    • You can always choose to skip or push back a delivery
    • You may cancel at any time, without any penalty - ever!
    • Delivery is always free!
    • When you sign up, you pay for your first, upcoming provisions
    • We'll charge you on the 1st of the month in months when you are due to get provisions 

      You can supplement any subscription delivery with Add-Ons

      • Add-Ons let subscribers stock up on more of certain cuts that you love, a la carte
      • Add-Ons also include nose-to-tail options that we don't allocate into provisions subscriptions (e.g., oxtail, offal)

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