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Choosing your provisions

1. You pick the provisions you want

  • Meats:  Whichever combination of grass-fed beef, pastured pork or wild-caught seafood you would like. 
  • Amount: How many pounds you'd like in each delivery (detail on How Much to Get)
  • Curation style: The range of cuts we'll choose from for you
    • Daily Grind ($3-4 / serving): Just ground meat and sausage
    • Essentials ($4-5 / serving): Roasts, everyday steaks, grill & stew cubes, bacon, ground meat and sausage
    • All-in ($5-8 / serving): A mix of all the most delicious cuts
      Cuts by Curation Style

      Details on Seafood species

      2. You also choose your delivery frequency

      • Monthly, bi-monthly or every third month
      • You can always choose to skip or push back a delivery
      • You may cancel at any time, without any penalty - ever!
      • Delivery is always free!
      • When you sign up, you pay for your first, upcoming provisions. After that, we'll charge you on the 1st of the month in months when you're scheduled for provisions 

        3. We provide curation, with customization

        • You entrust us to curate your provisions mix. This allows us to ensure none of the animals we source locally are wasted, and keeps prices down. 
        • We solicit your preferences and requests, to better curate for you.
          • We exclude cuts you just don't like
          • We allocate you more of the cuts you love
          • We can accommodate virtually any dietary restriction. 
        • You have the opportunity (but not the requirement) to explore cuts, and recipes, you wouldn't have tried before!
        • More detail on customization

        4. You can supplement any subscription delivery with Add-Ons

        • Add-Ons let subscribers stock up on more of certain cuts that you love, a la carte, right up to your delivery day
        • Add-Ons also include nose-to-tail options that we don't allocate into provisions subscriptions (e.g., oxtail, offal)

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