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Beef recipes - Ground Beef

A recipe tour through some usual suspects (hello, burgers!) and around some global cuisines!

Burgers (and variations)

A well-made burger from 100% grass-fed ground beef is better than its conventional beef cousin, but if not made with care, it is true that a grass-fed burger can dry out easily. An elegant way to make amazing burgers from your grass-fed ground beef is to shred in some onion, as in this short and sweet recipe


Hamburger Steaks - Abandoning the bun, these hamburger "steaks" rely on a flavorful pan gravy with mushrooms, onions, and thyme.

Don't laugh about this Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole -- well, OK, laugh, but also try it: It's a winner for kids, Keto/Paleo eaters... and really everyone.

Meatballs (and variations)

Meatballs can of course be put on spaghetti, but also can be featured in other ways -- this recipe for "everyday" meatballs gives you four applications. 

In the same pasta-don't-hold-me-back spirit, these sheet-pan meatballs are served with a bright and herbaceous “salsa verde” that really elevates this dish.

This Moroccan meatball soup gives you a fantastic protein for just about any soup base. In this recipe, you’re flavoring your broth with an aromatic cilantro and scallion puree as well as some harissa paste for a spicy kick.

Not lamb, but...

The fact that 100% grass-fed beef has a more herbal, mineral-forward flavor means that it can substitute for lamb better than conventional beef can. This opens up the world of lamb-based recipes.

For example, try this Indian curry with our ground beef rather than ground lamb, serving alongside basmati rice.

Then, of course, iconic Shepherd's Pie becomes Cottage Pie when beef is used. This recipe does not call for celery or fennel, they both make excellent additions. And if you don’t have a dark stout on hand, red wine works!  

East Asian ideas 

This Korean Beef Bowl recipe is extremely fast to make, and tasty both for eaters who appreciate Korean flavor profiles, and those who aren't all in on all Korean (read: it does not have kim chi in it... but you can certainly serve it on the side!) 

Also from a Korean perspective, in this Bulgogi meatloaf recipe, ingredients typically used in Bulgogi  are marshaled to flavor-pack a meatloaf. Serve it in a sandwich as pictured on the recipe page or by itself with a few sides.

How about "Japanese-Style Meat & Potatoes," a delicate, light stew made aromatic with fresh ginger. 

More globetrotting

  • Jamaica: In this recipe which originally comes from a cookbook compendium of Bay Area immigrant chefs, you’re making Jamaican beef patties from scratch, including the dough.  (Consider it a weekend project.)  
  • Eastern EuropeA creative take on a regional classic, this removes most of the labor out of traditional cabbage rolls. Take all the same ingredients, chuck em’ in a pot with some broth, and you get Cabbage Roll Soup!
  • Pakistan: Flavorful seekh kebabs can be grilled or pan-fried. 
  • Ambiguously Mediterranean-Middle Eastern: And perhaps with some  California thrown in. In any case, a great mix of features ground beef in an eggplant stuffing

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