Near Country Provisions customers sign up for a subscription that entitles you to a curated mix of meat.  You can change or cancel your subscription anytime. 

We deliver your provisions to your front door. Your provisions are vacuum-sealed and frozen, delivered in an insulated bag with dry ice (so you don't need to be home at delivery time).

You choose:

  • Your proteins - either a combination of 100% grass-fed beef and pastured pork, or beef only
  • A provisions type that fits your preferences
    • "All-in": A mix of all the most delicious cuts
    • "Essentials": Just roasts together with ground meat and sausage
    • "Daily Grind": Just the ground and sausage ("Daily Grind"). 
  • How much you'd like at a time (in pounds, or servings). 
  • Your frequency - you can choose monthly or every other month (and you can always choose to skip delivery months)  

Based on your choice, we curate a cut mix for you. What does it mean to trust us to choose the cuts for you? Here's what you can expect

With your provisions subscription setting you up for delicious deliveries every one or two months, you'll also have the opportunity to complement them with Add-ons.

Some more details:

  • You'll get your delivery about the same time each month, give or take a few days.  
  • You can skip a delivery if you find you didn't use up your last provisions or just need a break.
  • You can cancel any time.
  • We'll bill you at initial subscription for your first month of provisions. 
  • Then for your ongoing subscription, we'll bill you on the first day of the month, prior to that month's delivery.  This billing date is the cutoff for a skip or cancel request to be effective for that month.

If you have questions about any of this, don't hesitate to chat or email us


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