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Types of provisions: Seafood Provisions (New!)

All Near Country Provisions seafood is wild-caught by local fishers in nearby Atlantic, Chesapeake and Potomac waters, using approved sustainable catch methods. Serving numbers assume an adult eats 1/2 pound per meal.

All-In Seafood

  • Curated mix of fish and shellfish species based on what's being caught locally
  • Locally-caught species that very often feature in All-In include: Striped Bass (aka Rockfish) filets, Black Sea Bass filets, Flounder filets, Blue Catfish filets, Atlantic Shrimp (summer), Soft-shelled Crab (summer)
  • $6 / serving, and up
  • Available as subscription (every 1, 2 or 3 months)
  • Great for: All fish-lovers!

Lent Special Seafood Trial

  • For Lent season only, same curation approach and species mix as All-In, above, but available as non-subscription, one-off Trials
  • Also as seasonal special, available as a small (5-lb.) offering 

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