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Ugly Bag - Bacon (Add-On)

Ugly Bag - Bacon (Add-On)

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Our Ugly Bags comprise meat cuts that will taste perfectly good... but they have a flaw of some kind, so we don't allocate them in provisions subscriptions, and we sell them to you steeply discounted. 

Our Ugly Bacon usually has one particular flaw: It comes from the ends of the pork belly, which tapers, and so in addition to some slices, it has chunky bits that don't slice well.  This Ugly Bacon is perfectly tasty. It's less good for a classic breakfast preparation and better for uses like soups or pasta dishes (substituting for pancetta, perhaps). Though honestly we happily eat it with eggs, too. 

The second most common ugly affliction is that it is very wide, with less intermingling of meat and fat than you get from its prettier siblings. It still works with your breakfast. 

Check out our pork Recipes page for a host of cooking ideas for Ugly Bacon. 

More detail:

  • Smoked, nitrate-free bacon ("Uncured").  No chemical or natural nitrates used in processing.
  • Note that nitrate-free bacon is a little different than conventionally-processed bacon. It is less reddish, and its texture and flavor are more "pork-like" than bacon made with nitrates. It is smoky, salty and a little sweet, like any great bacon. 
  • Ingredients: Pork, water, sea salt, vinegar, honey, cane sugar


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